Man, I’m so glad that my financial advisor introduced me to you., It’s been so difficult trying to figure out Medicare and you’ve made it so easy.  
- Beverly S.


 I had so many questions that I couldn’t find answers to but Clear Medicare made everything easy and simple to understand.  
- Hosea H.


 As a physician, I’ve seen how devastating getting into the wrong Medicare plan can be. Clear Medicare pointed me in the right direction and made the process very simple.  
- Paul D.


 We just wanted to thank you again for filing our Part “B” reconsideration form for re-evalution to Social Security because of our high income in 2016. We got a letter telling us of the refund of $7800.00 and, the lowering of our Part B Premiums so our monthly Social Security benefit has also increased. The money has already hit our bank account! Thank you so much!  
- Mark H.